3D Scanning

scan-modelThrough the use of dental 3D scanning technology, we are able to create a complete image of your teeth and gums with greater accuracy than ever before. While traditional impression procedures could get easily distorted by the patient moving during the setting, the removal of the impression, or the disinfection, 3D scans are capable of capturing every contour and idiosyncrasy of your tooth and gingival structures without a hiccup. Further, 3D scanning is far more patient-friendly than impressions, producing a scan in mere minutes without the need for invasive procedures or uncomfortable compounds.

Phoenix Dental makes use of technology-leading dental scanners. With the help of this technology, we are able to provide you with precision accuracy for the purpose of constructing bridges, implants, and other restorative dental services. This affords you a maximum of comfort and effectiveness from your restorative work, with an even, natural bite that will look and feel like your own.