Zirconia CrownsWhen you come in for crowns and bridgework with Phoenix Dental, you can benefit from a top-quality zirconia piece. Also known as white steel, this ceramic material is the preferred material for many medical applications, from tooth repair to artificial hip joints.

A crown or bridge made from zirconia is characteristic of superior strength, natural appearance, and biocompatibility. In laboratory tests, dental structures made from this material proved to be twice as strong as porcelain-fused-to-metal restorations, and as much as five times stronger than other forms of ceramic dental restorations.

While many patients with restorative dental work are self-conscious about the unnatural appearance of their new teeth, zirconia is able to blend in naturally amid your smile. This is because most materials used in the past were conspicuously opaque, though natural tooth structure is somewhat translucent. Zirconia matches this translucent, and can be colorized to match the particular color of your real teeth.

Lastly, the amalgams and metal alloys commonly used in dental procedures in the past posed the problem of not being accepted by a patient’s body. Conversely, zirconia is 100% biocompatible. You therefore do not need to worry about experiencing an allergic reaction or similar adverse effects from your restorative work.