Full Anatomy Crowns & Bridges

There was a time when making extensive dental restorations was a grueling and uncertain practice. But now, thanks to digital technology, creating high-quality and cost-efficient full anatomy crowns and bridges has never been easier. With the help of sophisticated computer modeling programs, our dental staff is able to build a digital model of your new teeth with a level of precision unmatched by the dental practices of yesteryear, allowing us to provide you with a new set of teeth that look and feel at least as good as the originals.

The Smile Composer program analyzes the shape of your mouth and your existing teeth, using this information to automatically create a set of crowns and bridgework. With this information in place, a dentist only has to make minor adjustments before creating the finished product. Teeth can be moved forward and backward, spaced out, and shaped so as to give you a perfect, symmetrical smile. The end result has a highly organic appearance, such that nobody will be able to guess that you’ve had restorative work done. Better yet, it feels as natural as it looks, allowing for a strong and functional bite.