Diagnostic Wax-Up

Wax UpBefore restorative dental procedure can be completed, your dentist will probably want to create a diagnostic wax-up. This is a wax structure representing what your mouth will look like after the restorations have been done. It serves as a blueprint for your restoration, allowing your dentist to plan out the optimal shape of your new tooth structures according to the particular idiosyncrasies of your mouth. Once the wax-up is deemed to be satisfactory, it can be scanned, digitized, and used to manufacture the final restoration.

Through the use of Smile Composer software, we are able to produce quick and easy virtual diagnostic wax-ups by conducting a digital scan of your mouth. These virtual models can then be reproduced in physical form with the help of a 3D printer. This technology affords us superior accuracy in planning your restorative work, which translates to a stronger and more attractive set of teeth for our patients.