A dental implant represents a form of restorative dentistry that goes above and beyond the capabilities of dentures, bridgework, and other replacement teeth. Implants are durable and secure, allowing you superior confidence in your bite that can last for a lifetime. An effective option for replacing single teeth or an entire set of teeth, and everything in between.

The benefit of a dental implant is that it is affixed directly to your jawbone. Through the use of a screw that becomes fully bonded with your bone structure, your new tooth can be held in place at least as securely as your original teeth. This screw is generally made from titanium, or a similarly durable metal that rarely needs to be maintained following its installation. It is topped off with a dental crown that can be customized to fit in among your other teeth, both in shape and in appearance, giving you a strong and reliable bite that you can be proud of.

Our dentist makes use of Implant Studio technology with all of our implant patients. Implant Studio unites all aspects of implant planning and manufacturing in a single system. This system allows us to complete an implant with a minimal of time in the chair, a shorter recovery period, and more consistently satisfactory results.